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American Made Range Bags For Sale

The Best Range Bags & Packs tough enough to haul your gear. 100% American made, sourced, designed and Berry Compliant with a Lifetime Guarantee. 

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Decisively American

Made in America … What does that phrase mean to you? To most Americans it means quality, value, durability, longevity, or just overall best in category. At Gauge Outfitters we like to think we are “ Decisively American” because we have chosen to design and manufacture the ultimate range bag for sale today, one that is worthy of the label “American Made.” While other companies may focus on profits, we focus on quality and patriotism. Buying made in the USA isn’t just about supporting your fellow Americans and their businesses; it’s also about insisting on the highest quality available in the market.


Get your gear organized for your next trip to the range or competition with our Heritage line of range bags. With two options, we know you’ll find a range bag for sale that will fit your style. 

The Heritage Range Bag grew from a simple yet ambitious idea: to build a bag that would last longer than a lifetime, supporting hunting, law enforcement, and all sorts of outdoor activities for families throughout generations. Of course, that kind of bag could only be 100% American made and American sourced, and it would take a lot of research and testing before we were ready to offer that range bag for sale to the public.


Today you can make your last load out bag purchase ever--that’s because the Heritage Range Bag, available in two different designs, is guaranteed for life. You can customize your load out bag with the included features to match your unique collection of guns, magazines, accessories, or whatever else you need to keep safe and secure while you’re out in the wild.


We invite you to explore our online catalog, read our company’s story, and contact us today to order your range bag for sale and become a part of the Gauge Outfitters family for life. You may be looking for a bag that is large and versatile enough to fit your already-established hunting traditions, or you may just need something that your family can use to transport supplies for a weekend hike without worrying about it wearing out. Either way, we are all about supporting you, your children, and your grandchildren as you make priceless memories in the great outdoors.


Our Mission


Everyone remembers their first time at the range--that first sound of the gun firing in your hand, the smell that quickly followed, and the eagerness to see whether or not you hit your target. We all wore that same grin from ear to ear as we looked up at the person who opened our hearts to this incredible hobby. 

At Gauge Outfitters, we are striving for that same feeling every time you pick up your load out bag. We want the generations to come to pick up that very same range bag and remember the time they saw it first, instantly transporting them to the vivid memories of that special time and place. We aspire to make the products we create as memorable and durable as Grandaddy’s rifle. 
As we began this journey, we were determined to craft our products with quality materials that would endure in most conditions, and most importantly, to manufacture those products in the USA. That’s Gauge Outfitters today, and it always will be. 

Let Heritage Range Bags become a part of your legacy.

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What Our Customers Say



Great range bag from @gaugeoutfitters. Tons of room and great quality feels solid. Two panels on the inside that can be moved to size or removed for an open bag. Gun mat inside a side pocket that can also be removed. Molle system on one side for any add ons...



I love this place! They have the best all American made goods that you get! I love the layout and storage options in their bags, hands down my favorite bags. I met these guys and they are genuine, down to earth, hard working Americans! ....



I received my new range bag and am amazed. I didn't realize that it came with all of the "extras" like the dividers and the gun mat. Gauge really is providing more value than what you're paying for and the quality is top shelf. Nice work Alex!