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The Best Range Bags & Packs tough enough to haul your gear. 100% American made, sourced, designed and Berry Compliant with a Lifetime Guarantee. 


Gauge Outfitters

Decisively American

Gauge Outfitters is the home of the ultimate range bag. Our Heritage Range Bag grew from a simple yet ambitious idea--to build a bag that would last longer than a lifetime, supporting hunting and other outdoor activities for families throughout generations. Of course, that kind of bag could only be 100% American made and American sourced, and it would take a lot of research and testing before we were ready to offer it to the public.


Today you can make your last range bag purchase ever--that’s because the Heritage Range Bag, available in two different designs, is guaranteed for life. You can customize your bag with the included features to match your unique collection of guns, magazines, accessories, or whatever else you need to keep safe and secure while you’re out in the wild.


We invite you to explore our online catalog, read our company’s story, and contact us today to order your range bag and become a part of the Gauge Outfitters family--for life.


Our Mission


We want the generations to come to pick up that range bag and remember the time they saw it first, instantly transporting them to the vivid memories of that special time and place. We aspire to make the products we create as memorable and durable as Grandaddy’s rifle. 


As we began this journey, we were determined to craft our products with quality materials that would endure in most conditions, and most importantly, that were manufactured in the USA. That’s Gauge Outfitters today, and it always will be.

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