About Us

Gauge Outfitters is on a mission to bring back quality American made products for today’s marksmen. We are “Decisively American” because patriots deserve the best available on the market.


The concept for Gauge Outfitters was started over a simple family dinner conversation, when I informed my wife that if she needed a Christmas idea, I really needed a new range bag. As you can guess, since we are all hunters, fishermen, and just all around outdoors-y in our family, we know what we’re looking at when we shop for gear. As parents, we want the products we buy to not just serve us well, but also be used by the next generation years in the future. 


We were extremely fortunate to team up with Hawk Distribution in Sanford, NC, a veteran owned textile company, who believed in our vision and was eager to help us as we journeyed down this path. This is where we learned about the real process of taking that napkin sketch and some constructive criticism (plus a bunch of utter failures--some prototypes were far less than successful!), and together we developed a range bag that fit our requirements: usable, durable, and most importantly, made in the USA. At that point we knew that there was no turning back, and we were more determined than ever before to turn our dream into a reality. 


As a family of three youngsters, we knew it wouldn’t be easy to make something truly durable--as most parents out there know, kids can destroy anything! In order to verify the toughness of our products, we enlisted the help of a close friend who proudly served our country in the United States Marine Corps to help test and develop our new ideas. Only after that step would we be ready to put our products on the market. The kids and the Marine tried their best, but the range bag held up under their assaults. Finally, we decided to cap off our service with a lifetime warranty, because your hard-earned dollars deserve your peace of mind. 


We began this company with America’s future in mind. At that point, we didn’t realize that the final version of our range bag would be sourced from seven different states or that we would end up helping people whom we didn’t know and who didn’t know us. Together we have a bond as Americans. We’ve carefully chosen the best fabrics, zippers, buckles, threads, and manufacturing that we could find in the USA. We are committed to providing high quality products that can withstand whatever gets thrown at them.


We officially launched our first product, the Heritage Range Bag, on May 7, 2020, almost 18 months after that dinner conversation. 100%. We are humbled and excited by all those who purchased from us right away and all the great feedback we received--it only solidified our resolve to continue to develop new products and partner with other companies that share our values and vision.  It is now more important than ever to buy American and support other American small businesses. 


At Gauge Outfitters we are just Alex and Kayce. We’re an American small business who on our own time cherish time with our three children and two dogs. We are a family who loves to camp, hike, hunt, and fish. We are truly grateful to enjoy and preserve this beautiful world that the Lord has made and try our best to ensure that our grandchildren will also love it as much as we do. 

Who we are:

Kayce Decastro-President Founder

Favorite Gun: Smith and Wesson 38 Special Model 10

Devin Trimarchi (USMC)- Product Development (Private Label)

Cell: 301-500-4657

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What Our Customers Say



Great range bag from @gaugeoutfitters. Tons of room and great quality feels solid. Two panels on the inside that can be moved to size or removed for an open bag. Gun mat inside a side pocket that can also be removed. Molle system on one side for any add ons...



I love this place! They have the best all American made goods that you get! I love the layout and storage options in their bags, hands down my favorite bags. I met these guys and they are genuine, down to earth, hard working Americans! ....



I received my new range bag and am amazed. I didn't realize that it came with all of the "extras" like the dividers and the gun mat. Gauge really is providing more value than what you're paying for and the quality is top shelf. Nice work Alex!