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Range Bags and Hunting Gear for Sale Online

At Gauge Outfitters, our passion is to create high end American made hunting gear for sale. We source every component, thread, and buckle for every product we create from this great country--from seven states, to be exact. From our Heritage range bags to our load out bags, nothing is ever imported. Our company was founded on a simple principle: to make a commitment to every customer that we manufacture gear you can trust. We take this so seriously that we never release a product without thorough field tests and approval. Dependable and backed for life!


As experienced hunters and shooters ourselves, we know the accessories you need when you head to the range or the woods. We’ve included our favorites in our hunting gear catalog so that you can stock your load out bag with sunscreenface paintgun care supplies, and other items that you know you can depend on, and as always these recommended products are 100% US Made.


Questions about our 100% American made range bags or other hunting gear for sale from Gauge Outfitters? You’ll find lots of great information in our blog, and you can read the story of the unique Heritage range bag on our website. Our lifetime guarantee on our range bags gives you assurance that you’re getting the quality you expect. We look forward to welcoming you to the Gauge Outfitters family.


Buy American, Support American


God Bless

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