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Best Places to Fish in South Carolina

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

With warmer weather rapidly approaching, it’s time to make plans for fishing. Many want to keep fishing all day at beautiful locations and enjoy the nice weather but are stumped when it comes to the main part. Location, location, location.

This article features the best locations in South Carolina to fish.

South Carolina is home to several scenic locations for fishing. Spend the day surrounded by nature while fishing. Make summer plans at one of these places and relax for a day.

Let’s get started.

Lake Murray

Lake Murray is known for largemouth and striped bass. If you like fishing for other types of fish, you’re in luck because Lake Murray also has white bass, white perch, white crappie, and white catfish. The common locations for different types of fish are labeled so you can fish for the kind of fish you like.

Lake Murray is a great place to spend the day fishing for different kinds of fish. No matter what kind of fish you’re interested in you can relax and enjoy the warm weather.

Cherry Grove Pier

When in North Myrtle Beach, the Cherry Grove Pier is a great place to try your hand at fishing. The pilings of the pier are the home of bluefish, red drum, pompano, and sea trout.

When you’re done fishing, spending the day at Myrtle Beach is a great way to spend the rest of your summer day. Take in the sights and attractions after a morning of fishing. The nearby sights make this a wonderful travel destination for fishers and their families.

Whitewater River

Whitewater River is well-known for its beautiful waterfalls. This doesn’t mean that the river isn’t also home to several kinds of fish, especially trouts. This river is known for rainbow and brown trout. Fishers can fish off a bridge or wade in the shallow water. Fishers can also choose if they want to fish upstream or downstream.

The beautiful and scenic location also makes this a great travel destination. Besides fishing, you can enjoy the waterfalls and take in nature in different ways. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy a summer day.

Boyd Pond

This is a quiet spot for fishing, with no motorized boats. If it’s the relaxation that you’re looking for over catching lots of different fish, this is the best place to do so. Fishing here won’t fill up your bag with fish, but you can find peace of mind while catching a few fish.

It is located in Boyd Pond Park and has a fishing pier and boardwalk. As long as your boat doesn’t have a motor or uses a trolling motor, you can also take a boat into the 30-acre pond. Fish how you want in solitude at this pond.

The Old Street Pitt Street Bridge in Mount Pleasant

For shallow water fishing, it is hard to beat The Old Street Pitt Bridge. This water is home to flounder, whiting, bluefish, redfish, sea trout, crabs, and shrimp. When the tide is high you can fish for several varieties of fish. During low tide, there is a creek nearby that also has a lot of fish.

This street bridge is a good spot for fishing whether you live in the area or want to spend the day sightseeing in a new location. Its stunning views of the waterway and the Charleston Harbor make it a popular destination for not just fishing but general sightseeing.

Those Who Fish Also Hunt

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Now is the time to start making plans. As the weather warms and turns to summer up, you will want to think about how you want to enjoy that warm weather. South Carolina is home to many beautiful places to catch a variety of fish and also features secluded areas to hunt.

To find out more about our loud out bags, you can visit our store and prepare for your next expedition.

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