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Drinking and Hunting - A Fatal Attraction

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Hunting is a fun time that can be shared among close friends, so why not have a couple of drinks while you’re enjoying the great outdoors? You go out, grab your hunting gear for sale, a six-pack, and see if you can hunt for lunch.

However, hunting and drinking are two things that should never mix and there are even laws against it. Drinking usually makes for a bad hunt because of how easy it is to be loud and some terrible accidents can occur if hunters shoot their firearm improperly because they’re drunk.

Laws Against Drinking and Hunting

For many states and hunting grounds, the game warden will patrol the grounds on occasion to make sure hunters are following hunting regulations. If they catch you consuming alcohol it is almost always a fine and they could ask you to leave the grounds.

Plus, it is illegal to fire a firearm while under the influence and if you are found doing that, you could be facing jail time. Game wardens will often have similar authority as police officers do and can certainly enforce these laws and turn you over to the police.

When looking for hunting gear for sale, you will want to stay in the outdoor sports store and out of the liquor store. Some hunters think that booze is a good thing to keep in their range bag when really it is only good for getting you in trouble or causing a bad accident.

What Kinds of Accidents Can Occur While Hunting and Drinking?

First, of course, firearm accidents can happen if you plan on drinking and hunting. Sloppy shooting can lead to misfires and poorly aimed shots which can lead to yourself or someone else out there getting shot.

Also, for those that hunt deer, most deer stands will be fairly high above ground and drinking can make you lose your sense of balance. I think you can see where it goes from there, falling out of a tree can easily lead to a rolled ankle, broken bones, or even worse.

Do Hunters Usually Drink and Hunt?

Some do choose to drink and hunt but most realize that this is a bad idea and actively advise other hunters to not do this. Even if hunters do choose to share a drink in their duck blind or deer stand, they usually make it small and do not get anywhere close to drunk.

Drinking and hunting can be a fairly common tradition though in certain circles. People should understand that this is not only a hunter problem but an irresponsible firearm owner problem.

Alcohol tends to lower inhibitions and many firearm owners will want to have some fun and shoot a little recklessly. When you’re out hunting, you are usually out in the middle of nature and it is easy to think no one else is around so you can shoot however you want.

Many hunting accidents were caused by the accidental discharge of a firearm and alcohol only makes those accidents happen easier. This is why most hunters do adhere to the rule of no drinking while hunting because one accident is all it takes for someone to be badly wounded or lose their life.

The Wrap-Up

It is easy to think drinking goes hand in hand with hunting because there is truly nothing like cracking open a cold brew after you finish a hunt to celebrate. While most hunters do not drink and hunt, many hunters drink and that is where the so-called tradition comes from.

When you’re looking for range bags for sale, do not try to find ones with extra space for a six-pack. That space is always better used for extra ammo, a first aid kit, or a thermos for some hot coffee that will warm you up much more than any alcohol would.

Of course, keep in mind that there are laws against shooting a firearm while under the influence, and drinking and hunting are hardly worth the risk of getting in legal trouble. You could easily get your hunting license revoked and even lose your firearm so, all in all, there is no reason to drink while you’re hunting. By the way, we have the perfect range bags for sale if you’re interested.

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