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Stay Safe with the Right Hunting Equipment!

Whatever your quarry of choice may be or the weather you’re likely to encounter, having all the right gear for your next hunting expedition is vital to the success of the hunt! When it comes to getting all of your equipment in order, it’s best to start with a budget that you’ll be able to stick to because if you’re heading out to buy whatever you want, you might end up buying more than you need when you find hunting gear for sale.

Before you head to your local sporting goods store, make your shopping list, finalize your budget, and plan your next outdoor trip so you’ll be set for the shopping and hunting season!

The Basics

Hunting, fishing, and all outdoor sports are some of the most engaging in the world. When you’re ready to get your outfit together and your equipment in line, it’s best to start with the basics to make sure you’ll be safe.

American-made outdoor gear is some of the highest quality you'll find on the market. Looking for the basics for your next hunting or fishing expedition should start with a load-out bag or tactical range bag made in USA. This bag will form the foundation for your outdoor kit!

Range bags give you plenty of storage space for equipment and an easy way to transport things from the field, woods, and back to your garage again. They should be made of heavy-duty material that will stand up to dust, dirt, and weight as you haul it in and out of the great outdoors.

These bags can be found online and at your local sporting goods store but keep in mind how you’ll be using them and your budget. Both of these factors will determine the type of bag you buy including the size and final price.

What to Put In Your Bag

Now that you have the perfect hunting bag, you need to fill it with all the right items for your trip. You need to consider safety and practicality when packing for a hunting trip. Being prepared with the right equipment can be the difference between a safe and successful hunting trip and a trip that ends in disaster.

1. A Good Knife

There are so many reasons that a good knife can come in handy. From setting up camp to attending to your kill, knives are an essential part of your safe hunting kit. Always pick a fixed blade knife and consider a folding one if you are short on space. These knives will not break and they often come with larger blades than other styles of knife.

A good knife will not need much maintenance and you will be able to keep it sharp readily. If you do not have the skills to sharpen your own knives, make sure that you take your knives to an expert before each hunting trip.

2. Hunting GPS, Compass, and Maps

Everyone has seen news stories about hikers and hunters who get lost while they are in the woods. Don’t let this be you! Always make sure to have a quality hunting GPS system with you and a working compass as a back up in case the GPS can’t get signal.

Hunting GPS devices are increasingly good at finding signal and guiding you even in the roughest terrain, but you should always make a secondary plan with a good compass and a quality, up-to-date map.

3. Binoculars

While it might seem like you don’t need a really good pair of binoculars to hunt game close up in the brush, you would be surprised at how much easier it can be to locate animals with good quality binoculars on hand. These also can come in handy if you are lost and are trying to look for landmarks to help you get back on track.

Many hunting binoculars will be lightweight and come in various sizes. You may not need super-powerful ones for the kind of game that you are hunting, and that is okay! You can get a smaller pair that is less powerful if you do not need to see long-range targets.

4. First Aid Kit

This is a must-have for any hunter’s pack. You should always have a quality first aid kit with you in case the unthinkable happens and you get hurt. Your first aid kit should be hunter-specific as a general first aid kit will not have all the required supplies that you might need. Don’t scrimp on this important part of your hunting gear.

5. Water Purification System

You may not be planning to be out in the woods long term where your water supplies could run out, but things can change in the blink of an eye if you get hurt or you get lost. Running out of water is not an acceptable option under any circumstances and you need to be able to make clean water on demand in case something goes wrong. You can live a long time without food, but you cannot make it without water.

6. Shelter Supplies

Just like your water-purifying kit, you should always have a bivvy sack or a space blanket with you just in case. You never know what might happen when you are out hunting and you should be prepared to stay warm and dry no matter what conditions you get caught in. If you have to spend a night outside, you will be glad that you have the supplies to make it possible to sleep and stay warm.

7. Flashlight

Never go hunting without a high-quality flashlight. If you get caught out longer than you think you will be in the brush, a flashlight can help you to navigate out and it can also provide you with limited safety from predators. Back that flashlight up with some batteries for it so that you can keep it on for long enough to find your way home.

8. High-Calorie Emergency Food Supply

This is not the food that you will use as you are walking or waiting to sight your prey. This is food that is dense in nutrients that can be used in an emergency. There are special food bars and packaged meals on the market for just this need and you should always have some of this food with you in case you get stranded in the woods for a time.

The Extras

Once you've got the basics including your tactical load-out bag, you're ready to fill it with everything you need for a romp in the outdoors! Start with the equipment you'll need for your expedition and fill in with a few extras that ensure you'll be safe and well-protected out in the wilderness.

Add in a lightweight safety or space blanket. If you get lost out in the woods at any point and you end up stranded on the road or out in nature, you’ll have a simple way to keep warm. In addition to this, toss in some disposable hand or feet warmers which can easily be tucked into your mittens or boots in the event you encounter weather.

No good outdoorsman should find themselves out and about without some matches and kindling! If you need to build a fire for warmth or to take care of some game, you'll be able to get it started easily. This is best kept in a waterproof case so you won't need to worry about finding anything dry in your tactical load-out bag outside.

Bring along any extra pieces you might need to fix or replace your equipment. Whatever expedition you’re on, you might need to stop and fix some things and it’s best to have the pieces on hand. Keep a small cache of replacement pieces in your bag to make it simple when you need to get things fixed up out on the trails.

Lastly, throw in a few extra rations to your bag to stay safe. Things that won’t expire or go bad are the best for your loadout bag and they form a catch-all if you get caught out in the weather or nature.


Building your outdoor kit is often the first step in any outdoor expedition. With just a simple bag and a few basics, you’ll be ready for anything you may encounter in the outdoors! Be sure that your chosen tactical range bag is sturdy and will stand the test of time and field as you take it from trip to trip. By adding a few extras, you’ll be able to face down anything while you’re out in the wilderness.

When you start shopping for hunting gear for sale, keep your budget and needs in mind. However, the most important part of hunting is staying safe. A high-quality safety item is more important than saving a few dollars.

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