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The Dedicated Range Bag

When you’ve decided to make firearms training a part of your routine, having a dedicated range bag becomes extremely important. Before we get into the details of why, please be sure to check out the variety range bags for sale from Gauge Outfitters. We are confident that you’ll find your new range bag among our 100% US made product line.

Like the name says, this bag is built specifically for training on the range. These bags have the features necessary for this task, extremely durable and offering plenty of storage capacity. You’ll notice we didn’t mention size--while many folks will argue that the bigger the bag the better, in reality we have found that the bigger the bag, the more we desire to fill it beyond capacity. This usually leads to a heavy bag that’s difficult to carry.

One of the pros of a dedicated range bag is that it will most likely have the storage compartments that you need. This includes a specially designed space to hold your firearms. Our bags include a pistol roll-up flap, and we also provide the ability to store numerous magazines within the main compartment using the included dividers. The biggest positive about a dedicated range bag is the integrated storage compartments needed for a successful trip to the range. This allows you to store your gear and keep it accessible and organized. The primary purpose here is that you won’t forget essential gear. Refer to the checklist provided below.

A dedicated range bag will make your life easier. You will have what you need when you need it. The other great feature is that you will not have your range items with you at times that you don’t need them. Scan the Internet or the news and you’ll find countless stories about being arrested at the airport because someone cross-used their bags and forgot they had a firearm or a loose round inside. Even powder residue will delay your trip while you are questioned by the folks at TSA. If nothing else, we highly recommend that you never use the bag you take to the range as your personal carry-on at the airport.

A little about our range bags. First, durability: not all range bags are created equally, and as with most things, you get what you pay for. We start with 1000D US sourced cordura. Cordura is a durable, proven fabric for the needs of the shooting sports, military, and tactical industries. We source every single thread, zipper, piece of velcro, and fabric from US companies making their products in the USA. We carefully choose these materials in order to ensure that your firearms are transported in a secure, durable, and protective bag.

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of a dedicated range bag, here is a simple checklist of some of the basic items we suggest. This list will change from shooter to shooter, but it’s a good starting point. If you think we’ve missed something, leave us a message? Like most serious shooters, we are always learning and striving to be better.

Pre-Range Checklist

  • Eye Protection

  • Hearing Protection

  • Med Kit or IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

  • Sun and Insect Protection (Check out our Predator Warpaint SPF50. Your skin will thank you!)

  • Multi Tool (Leatherman and Gerber are our preferences)

  • Binoculars or Spotting Scope (necessary for those long distance shots) ▪ Stapler and staples

  • Flashlight (we love the Streamlight Pro Tac)

  • Duct Tape or Masking Tape

  • Gun Cleaning Kit or Gun Oil (also available on our site. We offer two terrific options with Radcolube and Seal1 CLP)

  • Targets

  • Gloves

  • Spare Magazines

  • Ammunition

  • Empty Chamber Indicator

  • Hand Towel

  • Timer for timed drills (not necessarily a must, but we use it)

  • Extra Batteries for electronics

  • Sharpies (for marking shot groups)

  • Notebook (we use the Rite in the Rain brand, but just about anything will work) ▪ Trash Bag (at most public outdoor ranges you need to pick up after yourself. Don’t be that person who leaves it trashed for those who come in after you.)

October Quote of the Month

“Nowhere else in the Constitution does a 'right' attributed to 'the people' refer to anything other than an individual right. What is more, in all six other provisions of the Constitution that mention 'the people,' the term unambiguously refers to all members of the political community, not an unspecified subset...The Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms...The very text of the Second Amendment implicitly recognizes the pre-existence of the right and declares only that it ‘shall not be infringed.'”

Antonin Scalia, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

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Great range bag from @gaugeoutfitters. Tons of room and great quality feels solid. Two panels on the inside that can be moved to size or removed for an open bag. Gun mat inside a side pocket that can also be removed. Molle system on one side for any add ons...



I love this place! They have the best all American made goods that you get! I love the layout and storage options in their bags, hands down my favorite bags. I met these guys and they are genuine, down to earth, hard working Americans! ....



I received my new range bag and am amazed. I didn't realize that it came with all of the "extras" like the dividers and the gun mat. Gauge really is providing more value than what you're paying for and the quality is top shelf. Nice work Alex!