Safely transport firearms, med kits, tools, and any other gear in this ultra-durable tactical range bag. We construct our tactical range bag using 500D Cordura nylon and reinforce the interior with 420D Nylon Pack cloth for added protection from the elements, making the entire tactical range bag resistant to rocks, dust, and moist conditions. The modular interior is spacious and allows you to place the included dividers to your specifications, carrying your firearms and range gear securely, conveniently, and efficiently without the need to fish through multiple pockets to find what you need in the moment. An added layer of protection is included with the built-in cleaning and range mat. This is a superior option to transporting firearms to the range, hunts, or competition.


While the tough exterior of this tactical range bag is the first thing that you’ll notice--and your shooting friends will see--the interior is just as impressive and important for your gear. Keeping your firearms, ammunition, cleaning supplies, and other accessories where they belong is a non-negotiable, and our modular design makes it incredibly easy. Range time is precious, and you don’t want to waste it searching through a disorganized tactical range bag to find what you need. We know you’ll love this bag that’s just as serious about your guns as you are.


Made in the USA

Lifetime Warranty

Heritage Teal Range Bag

SKU: TEA2020

    • 100% Made in the USA (Berry Amendment compliant, USC, Title 10, Section 2533a)

    • Dimensions: Length: 16in Width: 12in Height: 9in

    • Comes with two inserts with the ability to purchase and add more

    • Inserts fit most guns (feature gun and magazine holders)

    • Fits a maximum of four gun/magazine combination inserts

    • Built-in detachable rollout gun mat

    • Durable 500D Cordura fabric

    • Removable hard bottom for increased durability


    Our range bags are 100% American made. US Made range bags are not always easy to come by so we created our pistol range bags with a focus on innovation and American manufacturing.


    We use high quality US made 500D Cordura fabric in all of our tactical range bags. Cordura is a durable, proven fabric for the needs of the shooting sports, military, and tactical industries. We source every single thread, zipper, piece of velcro, and fabric from US companies making their products in the USA.


    Each tactical range bag comes with two inserts that feature a gun holder as well as magazine holders. Each holder is made from a sturdy kydex style material.


    The range mat is great for safe placement of your firearms while at the range. The mat is also great for cleaning your firearms. With an easy to clean fabric, it makes gun cleaning a breeze.

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What Our Customers Say


Great range bag from @gaugeoutfitters. Tons of room and great quality feels solid. Two panels on the inside that can be moved to size or removed for an open bag. Gun mat inside a side pocket that can also be removed. Molle system on one side for any add ons...


I love this place! They have the best all American made goods that you get! I love the layout and storage options in their bags, hands down my favorite bags. I met these guys and they are genuine, down to earth, hard working Americans! ....


I received my new range bag and am amazed. I didn't realize that it came with all of the "extras" like the dividers and the gun mat. Gauge really is providing more value than what you're paying for and the quality is top shelf. Nice work Alex!

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