“The Chaos Sling”™ 1 AND 2 – Point TacticalSLING like none other


The Chaos Sling is designed to enhance the experience of your Ryker Grip.

  • 2-point attachment with HK-clip, 2 Push Button QD Swivels, or Strap In to the weapon
  • Heavy bungee main body that allows for unique pull and enhanced control of your rifle
  • Thumb loops for quick adjustment
  • Works on rifles and shotguns
  • Adjustable for all body types
  • Hand woven 550 cord wrap on main body that is made in the United States by Veterans 

" The CHAOS Sling"

  • The Chaos Sling System

    • A Special Tactical Sling, 1 and 2 Pt –  Paracord/Bungee Core  – all in 1 Unique Sling!
    • Comes with 2 H&K Style, 2 Push Button QD Swivels, and 2 Strap-in ability
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • 1 and 2 Point configuration
    • Tri-Strand Bungee Core
    • EZ Adjuster Range 34-53 Inches
    • Fits all rifles, shotguns and NOW Crossbows TOO!
    • Field Tested in Afghanistan

    Continuously have control of your firearm with The Survivor Sling 1 and 2 point bungee sling. The Survivor Sling was created to be a completely mobile in connectivity.  The Bungee inner core allows for Emergency Use of Paracord without loosing full sling function. The EZ Adjuster is more of a pulley than a strap adjuster.  On demand adjustive ability.  Includes 6 Total connectors for multiple connection possibilities.   The advantages of the one point sling is its comfort, multi mission capability and durability. 

    A Sling you will never pay for repair/replacement.  All parts and workmanship is warranted for our lifetime.  No Proof of purchase is necessary, as possession alone will get service if needed.

    Who Makes these babies?

      • This unique tactical sling is HAND ASSEMBLED BY AUS Military Veterans and First Responders and their families.
      • Most Importantly MADE IN THE USA