Tactical Range Bags for Shooting Range


  • 100% Made in the USA – Fabric, Zippers, Thread, Tactical Range Bags and Manufactured in America

  • Exterior Dimensions: Length: 14in Width: 10.3in Height: 8.4in

  • Includes Dividers with built in Magazine/Pistol Holder

  • Inserts fit most guns (feature gun and magazine holders)

  • 500D or 1000D Cordura Fabric Exterior

  • 420D Nylon Packcloth Interior Liner

  • Built-in Detachable Cleaning/Range Mat (Machine Washable)

Made in the USA Tactical Range Bags

When manufacturing our signature tactical range bags, we don’t import anything. We source all materials right here in the USA. In order for us to complete a single tactical range bag, we work with partners in seven different states, ensuring that these load out range bags are worthy of the tag “American Made.” After we secure the materials, the final assembly is done in Sanford, NC. From there, we fulfill all orders from our home office in Charlston, SC. 


Every tactical range bag for sale from Gauge Outfitters is Berry compliant, guaranteeing that every element of your new range bag is sourced right here in the USA. You can be confident that the bag you buy from us will be the one you use over and over at the range and in the field--and that it will be the one you pass on to the next generation when they need a dependable tactical range bag.

Craftsmanship and Quality Tactical Range Bags

Where other companies may put the emphasis on profit and margins, we put our focus on quality and craftsmanship. We use 500D or 1000D Codura on every tactical range bag and load out bags for sale and line it with 420D nylon packcloth on the interior. We contrast the interior color to make it easier to find the guns, ammo, and accessories stored in your load out bag. We use two types of overmolded zippers, YKK and Ideal. Both are US Made and feature a self-healing nylon coil.

Over Engineered Load Out Bags

Our dividers double as pistol and magazine holders and are 100% modular. This system allows you to customize your tactical range bag to best suit you and your style. The built in cleaning/range mat stores easily, rolls up, and cleanly tucks away inside your tactical range bag. Change up the interior organization of your loadout range bag depending on the event and the guns and accessories you need for it. Don’t worry about wasting time shuffling through a pile of accessories inside your tactical range bag, and spend that time instead doing what you came to do: shooting and interacting with those that share your interests.

Our Mission

Why did we start this crusade to make the toughest American made tactical range bags in the market? Easy: because it didn’t yet exist. We wanted a load out bag that was tough, functional, and looked great too. Tactical range bags are extremely popular and are used by everyone from competitive shooters to law enforcement professionals. These bags are designed to optimize storage, transportation, and organization of your firearms and gear. We know these dedicated range bags will become your new favorite range accessory, conveniently organizing all your shooting gear and accessories and keeping them safe from damage, the weather, and other potential threats.


Put your trust in us and you won’t regret it! For additional peace of mind, we offer a lifetime warranty on every range bag for sale..

Tactical Range Bags – Made in the USA because we deserve it.

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